Journalist roundtable on COVID-19 vaccine reporting, hosted by Eric Olander

Covid-19 vaccination and nationalism is one of the major news stories of 2021. What impact is it having on Africa-China relations? And how are journalists covering the story? Eric Olander of ACRP partner the China Africa Project leads a discussion with two African and two Chinese journalists on the dynamics of reporting in various countries and by governments on the framing and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. Featuring Liam Lee (Chief International Desk Correspondent at Ta Kung Pao Daily), Hangwei Li (PhD Candidate at SOAS University of London), Dickens Olewe (BBC journalist and podcaster), and Uwagbale Edward-Ekpu (Contributor at Quartz).

This webinar was originally broadcast by the ACRP on 12 May 2021 

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