Reporting Resources

How do you get started as an Africa-China journalist?

And how can you keep learning new skills, keep yourself informed, and have access to the latest tools for your investigations? This section contains a range of resources that can assist journalists start and enhance their Africa-China journalism: 

A practical starter guide with three essential tips to get going

Africa-China 101: An introductory guide that discusses the most common myths associated with the Africa-China relationship along with other important things you need to know

A guide from the ACRP for preparing proposals

A guide on African investigative journalism

A range of online resources to take you further   

A practical starter guide to reporting the Africa-China story

This guide with three simple tips is intended to provide journalists with a small selection of practical suggestions to help editorial coverage of one of the world’s most important and complex geopolitical relationships.


Africa-China 101

The Africa-China relationship is a complex, 21st century phenomenon presenting unique challenges to journalists. Myths, stereotypes and even outright lies about the Chinese in Africa are remarkably durable.


5 myths about the Chinese in Africa

African Investigative Journalism

What do we mean when we talk about investigative journalism? Find out more.


Guidance for preparing proposals

The ACRP requires successful proposals submitted by journalists to be: Relevant and focused, and broadly aligned with ACRP requirements, i.e., with a relatively narrow focus around specific projects or issues...


Online resources

There is a lot more information and useful resources online, and below we have collected some people to look out for on Twitter, useful websites, and some articles, books and documentaries to look out for.