Wildlife Poaching & Trafficking

The ACRP and partners Khetha (WWF) and VukaNow (USAID) organised the Wildlife Poaching & Trafficking Journalism Training Workshop at the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, on 9-12 July 2019. The aim of the workshop was to enable journalists to improve the quality of reporting on wildlife conservation, environmental sustainability, community development and the dynamics of Africa-China relations within the context of illegal poaching and trafficking of species.

The workshop brought together 16 journalists from Southern Africa who report on the illegal wildlife trade and a group of experts and stakeholders from academia, conservation, the media, investigative journalism, and park protection. The workshop served to provide facilitation for the journalists to investigate the dynamics of the illegal wildlife trade (IWT) in Southern Africa, with an eye on untold stories, on-the-ground perspectives, and its impact on communities that live in proximity with wild reserves and national parks.

To read a full report on this workshop, please click here.